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1. Shanghai Metro use APP scan to enter the station next year

Next year, the Shanghai Metro will support App scan code to enter the station with the support of Alipay payment. In the future, customers will also use voice ticket payment and face-scan to enter the station.

Passengers need only in the "Metro city" App a key binding Alipay, you can scan the code when the station bus stop, then deduct the fare, without any change and queuing at the ticket. Alipay said, is not the balance of the situation even when there is no network signal or Alipay account, passengers can also advanced subway station, subsequent to pay the fare.

Although these technologies have just completed laboratory tests and entered the prototype development stage, they will be gradually applied to the Shanghai subway in the future. The Shanghai Metro plans to promote new plans in the beginning of next year in the city's 17 rail lines.

In the future, the user may not have to pull out the mobile phone, only by scanning face, it can go directly to the station. A new screen is being developed on the new entry gate. The user has almost no need to stop after passing the screen. The screen has already relied on face recognition technology and has completed the face recognition. The gate is automatically opened for passengers to pass.


2. Shanghai Disneyland rise the ticket price

The Shanghai Disney Resort today announced a new ticket system for the Shanghai Disney park on its official website.

From June 6, 2018, the Disney Park in Shanghai resort of Shanghai will adopt the three-tier fare structure, namely, weekdays, peak days and peak days of holidays. The structure of the ticket price structure of Shanghai park is also discussed. The flat day ticket price of Disney Park in Shanghai is RMB 399 (around £45). High demand peak days (including summer vacation, weekend and most holidays) are RMB 575 ( £64.95). The higher demand for two holiday peak days (Spring Festival and national holiday) is RMB 665 ( about £75).

The price adjustment of Disney park is not uncommon. Statistics show that the tickets for the two Disney and Paris Disney parks in the US will increase every year, and the Hongkong Disney park will be adjusted in the first two years before 2013, and it will increase once a year after 2013. In recent years, Tokyo has also been basically rising every year. The price of Disney in the world continues to adjust, but at the same time, the number of tourists around the world still continues to rise for many years.



3. Jack Ma: I’m a lucky man, back to be a teacher when I retired

On Wednesday 6th, Ma Yun , executive chairman of Alibaba Group, in Guangzhou to attend Fortune Global Forum to talk about personal and corporate wealth dreams that he is a man of good luck; after retirement may be back on the podium, to be a teacher; his last time to be on the beach; for the Alibaba, to be sure not to forget the beginning of the heart, don't forget the mission.


4. Four Chinese scholars won The Rhodes scholarship from University of Oxford

The Rhodes scholarship, which has the reputation of "the global undergraduate Nobel prize", was released in December 3rd. Among the world's more than 12 thousand applicants, four Chinese scholars came to the list: Cao Qigong, of Stanford University, Hou Yifan of Peking University, Li Yuhan of Peking University, and Mao Xiao. They are going to attend the University of Oxford in 2018. Person per year is available by about £ 30,000 or $50,000, all costs of the full grant to study at the University of Oxford.

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